Employee Service Awards


Our service awards program offers local businesses the opportunity to recognize their employees’ longevity and milestones with a special gift. The employer meets with Scontsas to establish a program curtailed specifically to their needs. Once the program has been customized, the employee visits Scontsas’ website to make their online selection, submitting their order directly. All selections are beautifully gift wrapped and prepared for the company’s awards event. It’s as easy as that.

One of the great advantages of having a local store offer online service awards is the proximity for service, adjustments and repairs. Furthermore, it allows the employee the opportunity to develop a relationship with us and to preview their selection prior to submitting their order. For details on how we can help you established your on-line customized service award program, please contact us at 603-882-3281 or email us at sales@scontsas.com.